Niko, Bandit & Rozzy

The Embark fashion brand is characterized by its three mascots, initially Niko, later joined by Bandit and Rozzy – all street pooches adopted by Otara. They give hope to many others like them in need of love and care. 


Otara was driving home from work when she saw three tiny puppies playing on the side of the road. With a sense of uncertainty she drove past like many others unsure of what to do with a street dog. The following day, there was only one. A brown puppy with big eyes, all alone. This time refusing to be just another bystander she picked him up thinking that she would give him away to someone kind, but as it so happened Otara and her sons never did give him up. They decided to keep him and named him “Niko,” who subsequently became the muse behind the Embark logo and the inspiration for Otara to dedicate more time to expanding both the cause and brand.


Late one evening, a little black and white puppy was left on Otara’s doorstep by a stranger. Otara, now a veteran in the rescue and welfare field adopted the puppy without a second thought, naming him Bandit.


As a young pup Rozzy literally jumped into Otara’s arms and her life. Facing the far too common fate of street puppies in Sri Lanka who get pelted with stones and abused, Rozzy instinctually ran to a stranger she thought would protect her, the stranger turned out to be Otara. Found on Rosmead place which led to her being named Rozzy, after a few weeks at a veterinary hospital and some ice-breaking sessions with Niko and Bandit, she was adopted by Otara thereby completing the trio.

The Embark spirit owes itself to these three dogs who bring their own character and sense of fun to the merchandise undoubtedly making Embark a truly unique brand with a heartfelt vision.