Embark Volunteers

Embark Volunteers is the platform for those who wish to donate their time and skills to help our street dogs. Volunteers are vital to our mission, and this platform provides a space for committed and passionate individuals to be part of this lifesaving work .

To date Embark has over 1000 registered volunteers who are focussed on improving the welfare of street dogs in Sri Lanka.

Our dedicated volunteers engage in a variety of initiatives which support the services Embark provides for street and community owned dogs in Sri Lanka which includes rescue and treatment, animal welfare advancement, education and awareness, advocacy, fundraising, project management as well as day to day operational duties.

If you are interested in becoming an Embark volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Registration Form.

Embark Volunteer Registration Form
If you have any questions or concerns please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Volunteer Opportunities

Puppy adoption days
Dog baths/walks/socialisation
Simple mobility work with paralysed rescue dogs
Clinical support and veterinary liaison work
Hospital visits
Assist with Embark / Otara Foundation initiated activities
School educational sessions
Fundraising for the treatment of dogs
Dog rescues
Animal welfare advocacy
Environment protection programmes
Puppy fostering
Adoption follow up visits
Educational workshops
CNVR (Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release) programmes
Embark office support

Embark aims to provide all our volunteers with a meaningful experience. All volunteers are given the opportunity to increase their skills in areas such as teamwork, leadership, communication, professional work ethic, creative thinking and project planning/coordination.

Volunteers who register with Embark are required to be above the age of 16. Volunteers between the ages of 11-16 may also register under our junior volunteer program. All volunteers are required to follow the Embark Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Embark Volunteer

Graduate Programme

Individuals who have registered as volunteers will also be included into the ‘Embark Volunteer Graduate Programme’.This programme is a multi-year, flexible leadership development programme that emphasises and facilitates volunteers who are registered with Embark in volunteer involvement and leadership growth. The programme ensures that volunteers have a comprehensive leadership experience that prepares them to be principled, compassionate, global-minded leaders.

Volunteer Activities